Discover Texas’s Best-kept Secret in Tomball, TX

Tomball, Texas is one of those hidden gems that seem to be quickly disappearing from the American landscape – a true small town with a rich history. Located approximately 28 miles northwest of downtown Houston, the town of Tomball has a population of just over 10,000 residents and 4,859 housing units as of 2010.

Tomball’s history is one of booms and busts. That’s a far cry from what it is now – a quiet, attractive small town happy in its position as one of Texas’s best kept secrets. It all began with the railroad. In 1906, railroad engineers noticed that the Tomball area sat in the ideal spot for a train stop. The town was right at the point where the low hills of Texas transition into the flat plains of the Gulf Coast. The engineers recognized that they could load the railcars with more cargo since the remainder of the trip was a gentle downhill slope. Attorney Thomas Ball was influential in convincing the railroad to run the line through the middle of the town. As thanks, residents named the town for him.

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Almost immediately people began to flock to the area. Saloons, hotels, and stores sprang from nothing almost overnight. Unfortunately, the railroad boom was short lived – lasting less than a decade.  After the railroad, there was the oil boom. After the oil boom came the post WWII rush from the city. After the WWII rush, there was the Sun Belt real estate rush. Today, the boom and bust cycle has evened out, and it seems the residents are just fine with that.

Tomball residents enjoy an excellent quality of life. They enjoy all the benefits of the small-town life – a safe, quiet, friendly, engaged community – while their proximity to Houston and all its amenities eliminates the majority of the drawbacks. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

Most residents of Tomball commute to Houston for work; however, that could change as the town has seen an increased interest from companies large and small in recent years. HP Computer Corporation, Kwik Kopy, Friendswood Development and BJ Services have all established offices nearby. Retail chains and restaurants have shown interest in this small town.

Tomball, Texas is a wonderful town – a throwback to a time when small towns dominated the Texas landscape, and for those who enjoy that lifestyle, it is a great choice.

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