Part of the normal process of selling a home is the home inspection. It is an opportunity for the buyer to verify that everything as it seems with the home and there will be no unwelcome surprises.

For good reason, a home inspection is the source of some anxiety for many sellers. What if they find something wrong? What if the buyers back out?

Some anxiety is completely normal. After all, no matter how well you know your house, there’s always the chance that there could be a hidden flaw or something you have overlooked over the years.

There’s always the possibility of a surprise, but there are steps you can take to make the home inspector’s job easier and that can encourage the home inspector to be a bit more generous in his assessment of your home.

Declutter Your Home

Inspectors don’t like to move or climb over things. Make sure that your attic, garage and basement are easy to access. In addition, clean out under the sinks so that the inspector can easily inspect the pipes. Make your home flashlight easy.

Gather Any Necessary Paperwork

Home inspectors are less likely to examine your home with a fine-toothed comb if you can prove that regular maintenance has been performed. Gather all documents related to the maintenance of your home and place them in a binder. Leave this binder out on the table for the home inspector.

Unlock All Doors and Gates

The last you think you want a home inspector to think is that you have something to hide. Make sure that you unlock all doors and gates – including those to out buildings such as sheds and pool houses.

Clean Your Home

A dirty home does not mean that there are structural problems, but a clean home implies that the owner takes pride in ownership and performs regular maintenance on the home. So, give your home a once over before the home inspector is scheduled to arrive.

Go Out to Lunch

Home inspectors prefer to be alone while they are doing their jobs. Don’t hover. Go out to lunch for a few hours and allow the inspector to work unsupervised.

Remember, home inspectors are like anyone else; they have a job to do. Don’t make it any harder than it has to be. Make their job easy and quick, and they are that much more likely to give you a favorable report. Contact me today for a consultation. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and/or help you determine the value of your home.

Chris Wylie
The Chris Wylie Team

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