When you have little time, and little cash, upkeep on you home and life can be frustrating. I feel your pain. While trying to decide how to organize my house, and make cleaning quicker (and easier) I began to search around for ideas from friends and online. I came upon several sites that actually help you with these tasks! They are called “Life Hacks” and they are miracle workers for sure! They were full of creativity and I could not believe that I had not already thought of some of these awesome ideas I found! These Life Hacks are going to change your life in a positive and shocking way! Not only did I learn new ways to keep up with cleaning, I found ways to organize, kill bugs, and even fix things! Plus so much more. I have provided for you the following links that have made my life easier, home cleaner and saved me money! Enjoy!

Chemistry Life Hacks
Life Hacks That Make Things Easier
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