Decorating Your Home For Halloween

The market this time of year is slow any ways. Why make it even harder to sell your home with an abundant amount of decorations that are more likely to scare off a buyer then attract any. Yes, besides candy, Halloween time is about your decorating being spooky and haunting, but keep in mind, this could also scare away a potential sale. You want to make sure your homes first impression is not of goblins and ghost, or spiders and bats. We all know that first impressions are the key to selling a home. The first impression can make or break the deal. You can get into the fun Halloween season while still trying to sell your home. In order to do so, the following suggestions may help you enjoy these next few holidays without sacrificing the chances of selling your home. To, start- you should be decorating with caution. Remember that curb appeal is important! It is the first part of your home that they see and what could potentially pull the buyer through your door. To start, whether it is a holiday or not, make sure all debris is clear of the walk-way and also keep them lighted. Refrain from taping items to your windows, and spreading spiderwebs around poles and doors. Try to go for a more elegant decorating style. Keep it low key and use Fall like decorations only: Pumpkins, leaves, flowers, etc. Your home is not a crime scene and you do not want to portray it that way when you are trying to sell during Halloween. Lastly, it is important to remember that Halloween does not linger. Once it has passed you should remove your decorations and return the home to normal by picking up trash and and trimming the yard and bushes. If Halloween is your favorite time of year to decorate, just know that once your home is sold you can go back to being spooky all over again in your new home! Enjoy the Halloween season but tone it down while your home is one the market. 

Count On Chris!