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The Big Move on a Winter’s Day

by Chris Wylie - RE/MAX Partners

Congratulations on selling your home, and the purchase of a new one!  It is now time to mentally and physically prepare for the big move.  Moving can be a stressful event, even on the most gorgeous of days.  But doing so in the dead of winter has a tendency to increase anxiety levels even more.  However, with the assistance of your realtor, and by following a few simple winter moving tips, the show will go on without a hitch.   

• Re-convene with your realtor
After assisting in the selling, buying, and closing aspects of your real estate transactions, allow your realtor to also aid in the actual move.  Call upon them for advice on moving company recommendations, and acquiring moving insurance.  They may even get special discounting.

• Plan ahead
Even though moving companies slowdown in the winter months, they are not void of business.  Make your reservation for their services early.  And, be sure to have performed a walk-through of your new home envisioning where you will ask for your furniture and boxes to be placed.

• Organize
While packing, organize your boxes by room.  Use color-coded tags to simplify the move on both ends.  This is especially important in the winter, as some of your items need to be moved in, and out of the elements more quickly than others.

• Line boxes with plastic
Because your move may take place on a snowy, or wet winter day, you want your belongings to remain dry.  Lining the interior of your boxes with plastic, or garbage bags will allow them to sit on the ground, without worry of the enclosed items becoming wet, or damaged.

• De-clutter
Moving is an ideal opportunity to rid of all unnecessary items that were uncovered during the boxing-up process.  The less you have to pack, the less you have to move.

• Clear a path
For a wintertime move it is imperative to have a safe, and unobstructed walkway.  Evaluate the path from the point of exit to the moving truck.  Having a snow, ice, and clutter-free pathway will not only expedite the moving process, but will also ensure the safety of the movers.

• Have plenty of towels on hand
Once you have arrived at your new home, you will want to wipe off any furniture or boxes that have become wet, or dirty in the move.  In addition, towels can be thrown at the door for feet to be wiped clean.

When moving in the winter, you want to cross all of your t’s and dot your i’s.  Dealing with winter hazards beforehand, and even foreseeing potential issues will make the difference between an easy and an unbearable move.  Moving does not need to be a taxing endeavor even with snow, sleet, and rain in the equation.  Contact your realtor for advice and consultation to make your winter move, a smooth one.

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1103 33rd Street ~ Galveston

by Chris Wylie ~ RE/MAX Partners

The Mermaid and The Dolphin's Historic Inn, completely renovated 1997-2001 and more renovations in 2009 with magnificent chandeliers, red oak floors, sun decks, library, ball room, dining facility and gourmet commercial kitchen with full restaurant certification. Eight room inn and the owners quarters has 2 additional bedrooms. There is a two level chapel on the property that is approx. 3149 Sq Ft with central a/c and heat, bridal changing room, grooms room, bathrooms and spa & salon.

Click here to discover more about The Mermaid and The Dolphin's Historic Inn

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